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AMPY stores the energy you generate in the internal lithium ion battery. Simply plug in your smartphone or wearable device into the USB port to start charging. In a hurry? AMPY has been engineered to charge your devices just as fast as a wall outlet. Wear AMPY wherever you want! An up and down motion works best to maximize energy production. Use the accessories to strap AMPY below your knee for cycling, on your arm or leg while running, or clipped to waist when you walk. Go ahead and experiment. We’ve seen some pretty creative uses of AMPY to generate power.

AMPY’s internal battery stores about a week’s worth of physical activity and stays ready to use for months. You can also recharge AMPY from a wall outlet if needed using the micro-USB port on top.

Move the way you want. Charge whenever you want.
AMPY fits right into your lifestyle. The accessory kit enables you to get creative with the way you move and capture more energy with AMPY. It comes with a sleeve, armband, and clip.

Personal Clean Energy
AMPY is one of the only ways for you to produce YOUR own clean energy. When you charge with AMPY instead of from the wall, you’re offsetting the carbon footprint of your devices using green energy that you generated!

AMPY Smartphone App
Want to know how much power you’re generating? The AMPY smartphone app tracks:

  • The amount of energy you’ve generated
  • The number of calories you’ve burned
  • Your carbon footprint offset from charging with AMPY

Compare your stats with other AMPY users, and share directly on Twitter and Facebook.
To get your info, simply enter a few settings and the AMPY app will calculate these statistics. In the future, AMPY will relay the information directly to your phone so you don’t have to enter anything in! You can also buy a Sony Smartwatch 3!

AMPY works without the app. Just wear AMPY and move. It will capture your energy and charge your electronics when you plug them in.

Find out more on their official website: http://www.getampy.com/