• Naam Jorrit Popkema
  • Land Nederland
  • Verjaardag 27 juni
  • Label End of Line Recordings
  • Boekingen Most Wanted DJ
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Bursting into the scene at the ripe, young age of 20, Jorrit Popkema, or better known as upcoming raw hardstyle sensation D-Sturb, has already made a hard-hitting impression on the hardstyle community within a matter of just two years! Hailing from The Netherlands, this End of Line Recordings-signed producer has worked intently behind studio doors to craft and perfect a salient sound that blends hammering kicks and penetrating, raw screeches with catchy melodic undertones.

Tracks such as “Until It’s Gone,” “Anxious” and the immense populair remix of ‘The Menace’ from Warface & Frequenerz put D-Sturb’s name on many organisations radars, securing him bookings at Dominator, Intents, Penoze and internationally in Ireland, Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden.

Emblematic of his hard work, D-Sturb has received affirmative feedback from some of the scene’s piloting names including Warface, Outbreak, High Voltage, Adaro and Radical Redemption, who included Jorrit on the line-up for The One Man Army in the Heineken Music Hall. Prepare to become deeply D-Sturbed!