Gunz for Hire

  • Naam Randy Wieland & Thijs Ploegmakers
  • Land Nederland
  • Verjaardag 18 mei & 29 juli
  • Alias(sen) Ran-D Adaro
  • Label Roughstate
  • Boekingen BPM MGMT
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Gunz for Hire introduced themselves with a stunning live-act on Decibel 2011. The crowd went completely crazy. A better introduction to the scene is almost inconceivable. After this memorable performance, Gunz for Hire is continuously popular. The act also performed during Thrillogy, Qlimax and Defqon.1 Festival.

Tracks like Bassdrum Junkie, Kings of the Underground, Sorrow, The Cycle and De Weg Kwijt ensured Gunz for Hire, in every performance, a frenzied crowd. The recognizable raw sounds and hard kicks bring every performance to an incredible climax. The members of Gunz for Hire, dressed in suits and masks have proved themselves to be a valuable addition to the hardstyle scene in half a year.