Point Blank

  • Naam Vishaun Robberts & Joeri van der Star & Lee Gair
  • Land Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Label Nutty Traxx
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Freshly signed trio at Nutty Traxx. Lee (Who is solo signed to Dutch Master Works) Shaun (Had releases at Bionic Digital) and Joeri ((Audiouce, Cemon Victa Music) has joined forces to show the Hardstyle scene what they’re capable of. Shaun and Joeri are the out-of-the-box producers known for their versatile productions that goes from techno to hardcore and everything in between. Lee is known for his euphoic view on Hardstyle. They all share the same passion: Hardstyle. Together as Point Blank they bring a heavy sound that can best be described as in your face screeches and hard hitting kicks. With a bunch of releases ready to get unleashed upon the Hardstyle crowd, they’re more than ready to rock the venues and make people stomp their feet. Watch this space and be prepared for some great music.