• Naam Sebastian Allel
  • Land Spain
  • Label Diffuzion Records
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Transeuterz, real name Sebastian Allel, is an upcoming hardstyle DJ/producer who lives in Spain. From origin he is a nativeĀ of Chile and he already showed his musical talents as a child. He played several instruments like piano and guitar, but he always had a special love for electronic music.

In 2009 he discovered hardstyle and he directly knew this was the music he wanted to focus on. Sebastian started producing when he was 19 years old and created different kinds of sounds and developed his skills during this time. After only one year he found his style, a combination of catchy melodies with electronic sounds.

Diffuzion Records found a match with Transeuterz. The Dutch record label focused on new talented producers welcomed Sebastian into their crew and will spread his music worldwide! Transeuterz is here to stay!!!