Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

In a few weeks, the Brabanthallen will once again be the setting for the hardcore event of the year: Masters of Hardcore. This year, Art of Dance has once again done an excellent job: with more than 100 artists on the line-up, it will be quite a challenge to attend all the great acts in the coming edition.

Curious about the absolute must-see acts at Masters of Hardcore this year? The full line-up can be found here, but Hard News has already put together a list of 10 performances that you should not miss during the upcoming edition. “Join our quest to change the course of time, for our future’s salvation lies within our past.”

Barbaric Records LIVE: Barber vs. Unproven vs. Manifest Destiny [Mainstage]

Announced yesterday: Barber, Unproven and Manifest Destiny will close the big Mainstage of Masters of Hardcore this year with their set as Barbaric Records LIVE. This means that you can use that last bit of energy on songs like ‘The Darkness’, ‘Anger In The Nation’ and ‘Never See Me Again’.

Deadly Guns [The After]

Remember when Deadly Guns played a Reloaded set at the pre-party in 2022? The uptempo DJ will do this again in March, but then during the Official After. Visitors with only a day ticket can also see Deadly Guns – he will also perform a live set on the mainstage.

Major Conspiracy [Mainstage]

Major Conspiracy will also take place behind the decks of the Masters of Hardcore mainstage this year. However, they do not do this alone, but in a ‘versus’ set with an established name in the hardcore scene. Who this artist is remains a mystery for now, but it is rumored to be a former Masters of Hardcore anthem maker…

Masters of Hardcore Time Heist Paul Elstak

Hour of Heritage: Paul Elstak vs. Mad Dog vs. Nosferatu [Mainstage]

Hour of Heritage is the benchmark of heroes from the past. This was first introduced last year, with Evil Activities, Korsakoff and Tha Playah. This year, we can expect none other than Paul Elstak, Mad Dog and Nosferatu on stage, three very big names in our hardcore scene.

Unresolved: BAD BLOOD LIVE [Masters of RAW]

Masters of Hardcore offers a wide range of harder music styles, ranging from Oldskool to Terror and from Frenchcore to… Raw Hardstyle. On the Masters of Raw stage, top artists from the hardstyle scene are ready to present their latest tracks. Unresolved is one of those artists and he will perform his brand new live act BAD BLOOD for the first time at a large-scale event. A “bucket list booking”, according to the DJ on Instagram.

Triple Six Showcase: DRS vs. MBK vs. RefleXx [Masters of Extreme Hardcore]

If the music can’t be fast enough for you, definitely consider a visit to the Triple Six Showcase with DRS vs. MBK vs. RefleXx. Although the timetable has not been revealed yet, Hard News can already announce that this will be the closing event of the Masters of Extreme Hardcore stage.

Dimitri K [Masters of Extreme Hardcore]

What’s his name? Dimitri K! You couldn’t ignore him in the past couple of years: Dimitri K storms every stage with endless energy and his hits such as ‘Where Have You Been’ and ‘Early Uptempo Mash’. The Masters of Extreme Hardcore stage will also not be safe for the uptempo DJ.

Masters of Hardcore Time Heist Sefa

Sefa [The After]

After a successful first edition, the Official After is back this year. Will you also decide to attend the Masters of Hardcore after-party? Then you can enjoy three more hours of performances by Partyraiser, Hysta, and Sefa, among others. In PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast, Sefa revealed that he deliberately went into a kind of “hibernation” this winter, which resulted in few planned bookings for the coming months. His appearance at the Masters of Hardcore afterparty therefore offers a unique opportunity to see the DJ live.

F.Nøize – UPTEMPO HISTORY [Masters of Millenium]

On the Masters of Millennium stage you can enjoy F.Nøize’s UPTEMPO HISTORY set, in which he takes you through the history of hardcore. Those with a genuine love for hardcore can’t miss this set.

Drokz & Akira [Masters of Terror]

Of course Drokz and Akira should not be missing from the Masters of Hardcore line-up. It would only be news if these two big names were not on the line-up. This year, the Masters of Terror stage is in for a wild ride courtesy of your favorite terror duo.

Masters of Hardcore – Time Heist will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024 from 14:00 to 23:00 in the Brabanthallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Tickets can be purchased for €75.45 excl. service costs via the official website. Want to enjoy Masters of Hardcore even longer? Buy a combination ticket for €92.95 and guarantee yourself a spot at the official afterparty. Do you already have a day ticket, but do you still want to go to the After? Then upgrade your ticket via this link.

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