Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

On 14th of December, the Autotron in ‘s Hertogenbosch will turn again into complete Chaos. Shockerz is the gathering for all fans of raw hardstyle and among the top events in the raw scene. The ticket sales are going incredibly fast this year: the upcoming edition is “stronger than ever” and a party not to be missed.

As if the success of the previous editions didn’t speak for itself, we bring you ten reasons, why you should definitely visit Shockerz 2019 – Chaos Complete.

1. 14 exclusive LIVE sets

This year’s Shockerz edition has not less than 14 special live acts in store for you. You’ll not only experience DJs like Crypsis, Malice and Rejecta LIVE, but also b2b live sets, e.g. by Act of Rage & D-Sturb and Regain & Neroz. Prepare yourself for some crazy mixes and exclusive edits during the night!

2. 4 special showcases

Three album showcases will take place at Shockerz. Clockartz will present their Chord V showcase on the mainstage, Apexx plays Machines Don’t Bleed LIVE and RVAGE shows his mini-album New Dimension also in a live set. Fans of the older sounds can look forward to Shockerz presents Origins and dance a to a whole set filled with raw classics.

3. 35+ acts on the massive line-up

They’re not on the line-up without a reason. Doesn’t matter if they produce raw with some melodic parts, like Frequencerz and Rejecta, or if they’re like Rooler and Riot Shift who bring heavy demolition until the Autotron breaks down: these 35+ acts have proven themselves to not only deliver quality raw hardstyle but also a great atmosphere.

4. Two areas full of raw hardstyle

The only disadvantage at this party: you can’t divide yourself and have to decide, at which area you want to be. The mainstage is as usual reserved for the biggest names in the raw hardstyle scene. Delete, E-Force and Digital Punk will play there, just to name a few of this massive line-up. The second area is the place to be for all up and coming artists and every visitor who can’t get it rawer than raw. Don’t forget to bring your helmet to survive the destruction acts like Ncrypta, Unresolved and The Purge will bring!

5. Killshot & N-Vitral LIVE for the very first time ever

A never seen performance will be happening at this year’s Shockerz – Chaos Complete: Killshot and N-Vitral will stand together behind the deck for a LIVE set for the very first time ever. Concentrated power on a faster pace: this set is meant to tear you down if you’re still standing by this time of the night.

6. Previous sold out editions

The event was sold out 4 times in a row, even though Shockerz moved into the massive location Autotron in 2017. In the last years, the event was already sold out a month in advance, but this year’s sale is going faster than ever. According to the organisation, they will set a new ticket sales record. You don’t have your ticket yet? Better be quick before it’s too late. Unlucky for last-decision makers, but a definite proof of Shockerz’ success.

7. Approved venue with ventilation system

With two previous Shockerz editions in the Autotron in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the venue turned out to be the appropriate location. With a big mainstage and no long ways to the second area, the Autotron is an awesome location. The improved sound system, show and stage design shows Shockerz is on top of the raw hardstyle events for a reason. Furthermore, the installed ventilation system assures more pleasant temperatures in both area’s.

8. Nice time for partying

Since Shockerz – Chaos Complete is a daytime event, you don’t have to be bored and wait all day until the party starts. Instead of lunch, the DJs serve you phat beats, pounding basslines and crazy screeches already at 13:30. Because the last act ends at 1:00, you’ll be home at a reasonable time and will be able to enjoy your Sunday fresh and rested. For all (night) owls: you’ll have all night to spend at a afterparty and never let the party end.

9. Reasonable ticket price

A whole day of partying to music played by some of the leading acts of the scene doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A ticket for this year’s Chaos Complete edition only costs €40,50 (excl. service costs) – having fun and creating memories with your beloved raw hardstyle music is priceless.

10. Surrounded by like-minded raw fanatics

Since the whole party is just about the harder side of hardstyle and there are just rough rawstyle acts on the line-up, every visitor is dedicated to raw. The perfect place to find an appropriate opponent for a kickroll battle and people who go just as crazy as you when the drop is coming. Surrounded by like-minded raw fanatics, at Shockerz you experience the feeling that you are where you’re literally meant to be.

Complete Chaos at Shockerz 2019

Shockerz 2019 – Chaos Complete takes place in the Autotron in ‘s Hertogenbosch on 14th December 2019 from 13:30 until 01:00. Ticket sales are going faster than ever: get yours at the official website of the event, on which can also find more information.

Act of Rage & D-Sturb LIVE | Bloodlust LIVE | Clockartz presents Chord V | Crypsis LIVE | Delete | Digital Punk | E-Force | Frequencerz | Killshot & N-Vitral LIVE | Malice LIVE | MYST | Public Enemies LIVE | Regain & Neroz LIVE | Rejecta LIVE | Requiem presents The Reckoning | Rooler | Shockerz presents Origins | MC Nolz

Apexx – Machines Don’t Bleed LIVE | Artifact | Chris One LIVE | Crossfight | D-Verze | Daegon | Iron-D | Level One | Luminite | Mind Dimension | Ncrypta | Riot Shift | RVAGE – New Dimension LIVE | Sub Sonik LIVE | The Purge LIVE | Thyron | Unresolved – RSLVD Records | Vyral | MC Livid

Footage taken from Facebook page Shockerz

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