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You don’t have to be cheesed off during REBiRTH Festival – The Weekend
As soon as the Saturday of REBiRTH has ended and everyone drags themselves to the exit, don’t forget that you can enjoy another festival for a whole day the day after, where you can not only enjoy hardstyle, but for the first time, you can also enjoy hardcore in extra areas such as Reborn Euphoric,  #BEETJEDANSEN and Gezelligheid kent geen tijd. REBiRTH Festival – The Weekend is therefore a two-day party.

2. B-Freqz hosting on the mainstage
On Sunday, the mainstage makes room for a legendary hosting. The B-Freqz act will amaze the audience all day, together with a selection of their best friends and good colleagues. The act will also be presenting their very first album, so make sure you are present on Sunday 8 April to be the first to discover all new music.

3. Conclude the weekend with B-Freqz & The Crew Closing
The starting shot of the festival season can obviously not simply sizzle out; it has to end with a bang! Don’t worry, as B-Freqz has gathered the whole crew to ensure that you will have to catch your breath for the rest of the season.

4. Enjoy a summer of euphoric acts
With the addition of the REBORN Euphoric area on Sunday you can enjoy the yummiest summer acts. Artists such as Sound Rush, Rebourne, Adrenalize, NSCLT and Cyber will give you that summer sensation that will last all season.

5. Hardcore at the REBiRTH Festival for the first time
For the first time in the history of the REBiRTH Festival there will be plenty of hardcore, and again on the Sunday. Artists like Angerfist, Destructive Tendencies vs. F. NoIzE, Korsakoff and Deadly Guns represent the REVENGE area. Expect high tempos and ultra-loud beats.

6. Postpone your hangover
Instead of lying on the couch feeling rough all Sunday, you simply postpone your hangover for a day. After all, this is the best medicine. And we all feel crappy on Monday anyway. With the many photos and videos appearing on social media you can make things just a little worse for those who stayed a home.

7. Catch your breath on the ‘#BEETJEDANSEN’ & ‘Gezelligheid kent geen tijd’ stage
Apart from hardstyle and hardcore, the Sunday of REBiRTH Festival is also known for its diversity. The best from the urban scene comes to the #BEETJEDANSEN stage, and at the Gezelligheid kent geen tijd stage you can sing along to the best Dutch schmaltzy popular songs all day.

8. Several live acts and showcases
Apart from B-Freqz, Warface will also be bringing its Heavy Artillery act to the mainstage. His outfit and repertory of destructive tracks will blow everyone off their socks. E-Force will also be bringing a special live set to the mainstage. New and old tracks will be combined into half an hour of darkness and hard as nail kicks. But there’s more, as Deadly Guns will play its album in the REVENGE Hardcore area with a special showcase.

9. The battles are abundant
B-Front vs Digital Punk, Crypsis vs D-Sturb & Sub Sonik, B-Freqz & The Crew, Destructive Tendencies vs F. NoIzE and Jones vs Zany. All battles that will offer nothing but atmosphere, energy and hitting the dancefloor.

10. Sunday as fully fledged festival day
REBiRTH has seriously grown over the years. This doesn’t only apply to Saturday, as you are welcome all day in a staggering five areas on the Sunday of the REBiRTH Festival. The Mainstage hosting by B-Freqz, the REVENGE Hardcore area, the REBORN Euphoric, the #BEETJEDANSEN and Gezelligheid kent geen tijd.

In short, on Sunday 8 April many thousands of visitors will meet in the five fully fledged areas. Weekend tickets are just €59.50. With this, you can enjoy your heroes for two whole days. Is a whole weekend just a little too much for you? For just €27.50 you can get separate tickets for the Sunday via www.rebirth-festival.nl. Become part of our ‘10 Years Ceremony’!


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