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Last year Luc van Veghel & Michel Pollen, aka The Pitcher, announced that they are working on a brand-new album. The new album is titled ‘Shock And Awe’ and is set to be released somewhere during this year’s festival season. 4 years after his ground shaking album ‘Smack’, which was an instant hit, he decided it was time to come up with something new.

The Pitcher is all about #REALHARDSTYLE and that’s what he tries to tell you with Shock And Awe. Over the past weeks he enlightened you with 11 fun facts about the album. We put them all together in a list, so have fun reading!

“Most synth sounds on the album are made with an Acces Virus TI White Limited Edition. There are only 100 of them in the world. They are numbered and this one is numbered 37.”

“When shooting the album trailer, Luc and his crew were sent away from the set, because they were trespassing. Therefore they had to shoot some scenes back home. Can you guess which ones?”

“There are some crazy sounds on this album like a resonating side-mirror of a car, recorded through a telephone, and scratching with actual vinyl to get this retro feeling back.”

2877 hours of work are put in this album. Counting only studio time. This excludes work on the trailer and work on the marketing, design and printing of the CD.”

“The Shock and Awe flag is an official flag recognized by the International Federation of Vexillological Associations. Vexillology became very popular through the podcast: “Fun With Flags” by Sheldon Cooper.”

“The Pitcher album is, contrary to the latest trend, not mastered as loud as possible. The louder a track, the less bass you’ll have. So instead Luc chose to have enough dynamic range for a good kick and bass. Because that’s what real hardstyle is all about.”

“The studio of The Pitcher is at a constant 21 degrees. This is to prevent the old Sony mixing console to break down. When the studio is too cold, it just stops working.”

The Pitcher has a secret technique to pitch his kicks. They can go higher and lower than every other kick without losing power or sounding silly. Maybe this is why he’s called: THE PITCHER.

“Rhapsody was the first track on the album to be finished. Even a video already was made. But only after it was finished Luc and Michel decided to make an album. The video will probably never be released.”

“Some track-names on the album were changed during the process of production. For instance “Remember” used to be called “Let It Rain (Re-amp)”, but eventually the melody was changed and the vocals were removed from the track leaving behind a fully new track.”

“When you take the numeral equilavent of “Shock And Awe” and multiply this with the numeral equilavent of “The Pitcher” it equals “Real Hardstyle”… Coincidence??”

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