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Bonjour friends! Tonight the WiSH Outdoor 2017 ticket sale kicks off! Set your alarmclock, because when the clock hits 20:00 hour CET, the ticketshop will be live! Tickets are exclusively available at www.wishoutdoor.com!

What can you expect at WiSH Outdoor 2017? How convenient, we made a list. A list with 11 wishes that will be fulfilled at WiSH Outdoor 2017.

11 fulfilled wishes at WiSH Outdoor:

11. A brand new special site plan, to provide an even better festival terrain. Start discovering!
10. Adventurers of the sea is the 2017 festival theme, so dressing up like a pirate is allrrrrrrrighty!
9. Taking show to the next level: One massive closing show on a single stage! More light, more SFX and more fireworks. Double the fun!
8. The legendary Villa Ananas will be back! Pineapple paradise awaits…
7. As always, we will build awesome stages (and the Mexicans won’t have to pay for it)
6. You want more, you get more. In 2017, we will have more (RAW) hardstyle, more bands/live acts on Saturday and more EDM on Sunday! #weekender
5. Three new musical hostings: Ace of Spades – Rewind – Cirque du Rave.
4. A great variety of delicious, fingerlickin’ good food. P.s., calories don’t count in the weekend.
3. A new and improved camp site, with a big service upgrade. Happy camping!
2. Last but not least: A great freakin’ atmosphere. Because, This. Is. Brabant. (Funfact: Sparta is our local footballclub, we shit you not)
1. …..

Yep. We left one WiSH open, because we don’t want to spoil all the surprises and hey, don’t we all have something to wish for? What would you love to see at WiSH Outdoor 2017? Let us know!

A new adventure awaits…

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