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By Wouter de Vink

The only 13-year-old Miss Isa is the youngest female hardstyle DJ ever. On the Saturday of Elektrum Festival she made a big impression by performing completely flawlessly and without any nerves during her debut at the closure of the season. “Is she only 13!?”

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Isabella has just started in highschool and began DJing when she was 9 years old. “I wanted to do something with my father and that’s how we ended up on a DJ course in Amsterdam,” she says on the grounds of Elektrum Festival. Father and daughter learned the tricks of the trade together and that is how Miss Isa came into contact with hardstyle – in which she appears to have a talent. “I mainly play RAW Hardstyle with a little bit of hardcore: Mutilator, Miss K8 and Vasto are my great examples.” At such a young age, she is already spinning pretty hard: “I like to use a lot of kicks.”

Miss Isa is the youngest female Hardstyle artist ever at a major festival

Under the guidance of her parents, she is legally allowed to perform at an event (now that she has just turned 13). Organizations Intents Festival and WiSH Outdoor are giving her a stage as part of the 125+ artists at the end of the festival season – which is completely sold out today and with a few tickets still available for Sunday. As if she was born for the life of an artist, she and her proud family walk towards the stage in a completely relaxed state of mind: “I’m never nervous.”

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The famous Boombox stage is quite full when Miss Isa starts her set. She attracts a lot of attention and the Dutch national media have also picked up her special story: during every song, visitors come to the front for a selfie or a high five. Behind the booth you see the her brackets behind the huge smile of a bouncing Miss Isa: she has everything under control. The dancefloor bounces up and down as she plays tracks like ‘Cryex – Madness’ with ‘Rebelion – Bassline Junkie’, where the Elektrum crowd hits every kickroll.

The atmosphere is very good and the area is becoming increasingly full. The Boombox is a platform for talents, where Miss Isa is breaking records as the youngest hardstyle artist ever. At the end of her set, a group photo is taken and she proudly walks off stage – still full of enthusiasm and adrenaline – during a loud applause. “It went by so quickly, but I really enjoyed it!”

Elektrum Festival marks the grand finale of the festival season: a few tickets are still available for Sunday

Elektrum Festival has gotten off to a good start and is an excellent follow-up to last year’s first edition. There are still a limited number of Sunday tickets available: if you want to attend the closing event of the festival season with Rooler, E-Force’s Album Showcase and many others, go to the festival’s official website now.

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Footage taken from Facebook page Elektrum / KVDM Photography


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