Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Festivals can be a way for people to escape their daily routines and forget about their problems. But did you know that visiting a festival is actually very good for you? Scientific research has proved the following reasons.

1. Jumping around is extremely good for your health

rondjes lopen

2. You can work on your dance moves without having to be ashamed of yourself

motorische ontwikkeling

3. Ten studies show that festivals are good for your skin


4. You will immediately receive a fun course of ‘playing with animals’ when you’re selected at the entrance

omgaan met dieren

5. You will have a healthy tan after a sunny festival day

verbrand lekker kleurtje

6. The loud bass works as a healing massage for your ears. You won’t be needing any hearing aid when you grow old

massage voor je oren

7. Research shows that visiting a festival is 2032,5x more fun than visiting the dentist

leuker dan bij tandarts

8. You will randomly meet new people, which is good for your social life

mensen leren kennen - socializen

9. Your brains will be trained when you return from the bathroom and try to remember where your friends are

geheugen op de proef

10. The results of a survey amongst women indicate that 87,5% fall for boys with big eyes.

grote ogen aantrekkelijk

11. Festivals are the perfect place to enjoy a healthy, organic and gluten-free delicacy.

culinair hoogstandje

12. It has been scientifically proven that most accidents happen in and around the house. You won’t have to deal with that since you’re at a festival

ongelukken gebeuren thuis

13. Festivals are the perfect place to broaden your musical horizon with something new

muzikale horizon verbreden

14. On Monday you will be fully charged and ready to start work fresh

maandag na werk motivatie

15. On an average you will lose 12 kg at a festival. Apparantly most people don’t want to eat anything. A great way to get in shape!

goed voor de lijn

16. Almost everyone will easily reach his or her daily amount of water needed. Weird

ADH water (drugs)

17. A lot of girls like cost efficiency, so they decide to bring less clothing to the festival. It saves them money on laundry detergent. It’s also good for the environment!

kostenbesparend was

18. After a relaxing festival day you get in the car and will be home in no-time. No stress!

geduld rij uitgang

19. In short, festivals are very good for you!
festivals zijn goed


  • Manyata Vidyuth 26 May 2020 - 15:19

    Why are festivals really good and nice


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