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By Sharon van der Werf

After an excellent kick-off of their live act Paranoid at Supremacy, the men are certain: 2024 will be the year of Deluzion. The Minus is More duo gives a glimpse of their plans for the coming year, the releases that are still on the shelf and the collabs they still want to release. “We have big plans!”

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The guys from Deluzion, Bart van den Hanenberg and Max Lenssen, made a big impression last year with their releases and their live act Paranoid. The duo themselves look back with great pride on their show at Supremacy, where Paranoid blasted through the speakers for the first time. “You work for a long time towards that one moment, and then you get to do your live act at prime time for the first time at the biggest RAW event.” For them, their feelings at that moment was indescribable. “That’s what you do it all for!”

Deluzion overwhelmed by reactions to live act Paranoid

Afterwards, the guys kept an eye on social media to get an impression of the opinions of hardstyle enthusiasts. “The reactions have really exceeded our expectations. We have worked hard to create the thickest Deluzion set ever for ourselves. Only to read positive reactions and to hear that people think our set is the best of the evening, that only gives us more energy to make something special again and again.”

Deluzion op REBELLiON

“Our new track with Mutilator cuts through the marrow”

The men are now hitting the mainstages of major festivals and indoor events one by one. Last weekend the huge tent of REBELLiON filled up when Bart and Max performed their Paranoid act, and in a few weeks the mainstage of Shockerz is planned.

To ensure that every set on every booking is unique, Deluzion has committed to surprising the audience with something new during every Paranoid show. There is a lot of new music on the shelves. The men played their brand new record with Unresolved at REBELLiON. “That song has really become a big hit that we will play often. We will also soon drop a new track with Mutilator. Our combination of sounds is really one that goes through the marrow and bone.” The men also reveal that there will be more collaborations next year. “There are still quite a few sick collabs planned, with really big names in the scene. We will tell you more about that next year.”

“Now is the time to show what we stand for”

In addition to the collaborations, Deluzion’s solo projects are also ongoing. “It’s wonderful to have so much inspiration and energy in the studio. Everything falls into place.” In terms of events, preparations for 2024 are already in full swing for the duo. “The mainstages of Supremacy, REBELLiON and soon Shockerz leave us wanting more, so we definitely want to continue that line. Now is the time to show what we stand for. Believe us, we can’t wait for 2024 when you see what’s happening it’s all coming.”


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