Robin Scheepers
By Robin Scheepers

This weekend, it’s time for REBiRTH Festival again and that means that the festival season is officially opened. Are you looking forward to all the festivals and the summer? We listed a couple of tips, so you can have a good start of this beautiful festival season.

You wake up, you open the curtains and the sun immediately shines on your face. Everyone wakes
up much happier en everyone wants to go outside again. The vitamin D penetrates through your
body as soon as you step outside and the sun starts to burn on your head. Us party animals
immediately think: the festival season finally begins again! We leave the dark indoor festivals behind us and we prepare ourselves for the outdoor festival season! But how do you actually prepare yourself best?

1. Update your music lists with new summer tracks

Your Spotify music lists haven’t been updated for months and are still overflowing with old tracks
that you’ve heard too much in the meantime. You have heard all of this music for more than 80
times at every party that you’ve gone to in the recent months. You know every kick and every lyric by heart and despite the fact that this amazing hardstyle music always stays great, your list is now in need of some new tracks. Spofity list “Hardstyle Bangers”? Such old shit from last season, completely out of date! Time to create a new list yourself.

2. My god, those clothes are from last season…

Time to take all winter clothing out of the closer and purchase something new. Those warm sweaters will only be needed on the way back from the festival. You will need it when you walk back towards the party bus, trembling because you have been sweating all day long among the crowd. Take those shorts, shirts, and caps out again to go into the hot sun: it’s time for some vitamin D while you get loose on hard tracks!

3. SO MUCH CHOICE!? Which festivals can’t I miss?

Not a weekend goes by that there is no festival that can be visited somewhere, but how terribly difficult is it to make a choice between all those great party’s? This does not have to be difficult at all, because you go everywhere your friends go. And on the other hand, your biggest idols blow the speakers at almost every festival. Of course, you have already planned out your entire summer with all the festivals that your friends and you want to go to.

4. But all those party’s cost me an arm and a leg!

But no worries: you have been prepared for this all the time. The festivals cost a lot of money, but this should not spoil the fun. Of course you already requested your holiday allowance, all the tickets have already been bought and you would rather go to a festival than go on a holiday. Money is no problem for you. Every time at the beginning of the festival season you think: should I go on a holiday or do I choose to party? You never have to think of this twice. Festivals are in your blood and you prefer to dance your ass of with your friend than sweating away on a towel!

5. Don’t forget your sunglasses, cap or fan!

The hot sun on your face not only causes a lot of sweat, it also gives you a terrible headache (no mom, this is not because of the music!). A must-have is a pair of sunglasses or a cap to prevent the sun from giving you a headache, and that fan. Who doesn’t have one nowadays! First of all, it is just very nice to have something in your hands and second of all, the function is great! It provides a little bit of cooling down in the sweaty crowd under the hot sun!

The festival season starts this weekend, are you ready for it?

REBiRTH is just like every year the beginning of the festival season. This event is this year the entire weekend and it takes place in Haaren. For more information about REBiRTH Festival, go to the official Facebook event.

Photo by Facebook page REBiRTH Festival

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