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By Wouter de Vink

Now that summer seems to be over, Shocktoberfest is about to swap the swim trunks and bikinis for lederhosen and pints. This year, the combination of Hardstyle and Oktoberfest will once again open its paradise of beer, bratwurst and polonaise: so we’ve listed 8 reasons ‘warum du diese Party nicht verpassen mochten!’

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1. Legendary atmosphere

The atmosphere at the first edition of Shocktoberfest was simply legendary. During this debut, the Maaspoorthal was immediately sold out: everyone joined the polonaise and sang with the German hardstyle edits. According to the visitors, it is the ideal combination for stomping, screaming and drinking with B-Front, E-Force and many others.


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2. Dress up at a hardstyle party

It is of course not mandatory, but it’s ‘extra toll’! Everyone knows the famous German lederhosen and dirndls from Munich and the surrounding area. Of course there will be no Hardstyle in Bayern (“aber naturlich!”), but that’s what Shocktoberfest is all about. So put on your nicest German outfit and enjoy the best raw hardstyle.

3. Ganz lots of Shocktoberfest hardstyle edits!

Just like the previous edition, there will again be a lot of Oktoberfest hardstyle edits. Sing along to the most famous ‘slager songs’ and go wild on the thickest (raw) kicks at the same time. Will you fall for the fake drop like the one Rebelion did last year? “Ich bin wie duuuuuu!”


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4. The biggest Hardstyle Oktoberfest

Shocktoberfest is the hardstyle Oktoberfest event! With thousands of visitors and many liters of beer, this party is guaranteed to make ‘viel spaß’ – completely themed. Do you like Oktoberfest and hardstyle? Then you shouldn’t miss this.

5. Viele Special & live acts

Things can’t get crazy enough at Shocktoberfest: that is why the organization simply put in the extra work with more than just a normal line-up. After good consultation (and quite a few drinks) with the artists, a unique list with the coolest special & live acts was presented, with big names such as:

Act of Rage – Kicks von stahl
D-Sturb – Party Auf Mein Platz
Frequencerz – Sixpack is Back
Scarra & Vasta presantiert Bierglas Breaker
Sickmode presantiert Drunkmode
Killshotje LIVE
Und viele anderen!

6. A lot of beer!

The gold yellow fun cylinders are of course in the spotlights during this second edition. As you can expect at an Oktoberfest, Shocktoberfest provides you more than enough beer. It’s the main thing of this party and so we’ll toast with a bunch of white-collared ones. Go for the hangover of your life, because there is plenty!

7. Different genres: from Classics to Hardstyle and RAW

At Shocktoberfest you will find next to hardstyle, the hardest RAW but also classic hardstyle. A rising line throughout the day that will peak as hard as you do. Think for example of Jones – Die Classic Meister but also Bloodlust: who is called Bierlust for the occasion (because of his preference for ice-cold cans). So there is something for everyone at Shocktoberfest 2022.

8. Crazy MC Da Syndrome

“Hello liebe Leuten, est ist Zeit für etwas ADHD!” This can only be one: it’s the ever-energetic MC Da Syndrome, the host of Shocktoberfest. He will make sure you go home with broken shoes and a sore throat, because he knows better than anyone how to throw a party. Ganz gut!

Are you ready for beer, bratwurst and fun? Then put Shocktoberfest in your agenda on October 8, because the Maaspoorthal in Den Bosch is going upside down. Check the official website of the event for tickets and more information.


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