Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Last Saturday, it was time for one of the biggest charity events of the harder styles. The event is dedicated to the fight against cancer and is voluntarily committed to help the KWF Kankerfonds for some years now. The profit completely goes to this fund. True Survivorz is an initiative which gains a lot of support under artists, labels and agencies.

Last edition, something really special happened. Prior to the event, Boray, or Requiem, received a remarkable call from MC Renegade. A friend of MC Renegade named Jeroen suffers from the terrible disease cancer and has not long to live anymore. He has always dreamed of performing in front of a great audience. Surprisingly, Boray took the terminally ill Jeroen, who also loves the harder styles, on stage to do a b2b set with him during True Survivorz. What a nice gesture!

”Giving this guy such a big smile on his face felt great to do! Jeroen.. respect for you buddy, keep on fighting and never give up.” – Requiem

2Jeroen Klein is also a DJ/producer who is part of the act Pegasus together with Nico Wissink. The duo mainly produces raw hardstyle under their alias. Jeroen and Nico already made a collab with the Scottish duo Rebelion. The track called ‘The Maze’ has been released on the album Uprising of the Scots last year.

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