Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

This weekend it’s time for Christmas and traditionally there are a lot of Hardstyle parties in The Netherlands. First Christmas Day there is a party in the Honigcomplex in Nijmegen and it’s called XXlerator Roughstate. DJ Adaro and The Machine have combined their forces and made a special collab for this party.

Adaro, or Thijs Ploegmakers, has been a part of the hardstyle scene since 2008. He has some big tracks on his resume, like ‘For The Street’, ‘No Time To Sleep’, ‘Open The Gates’ and the remix of Chain Reaction’ ‘Answers’. His career really kicked off when he decided to create a live-act together with Ran-D, called Gunz for Hire. Sold out venues and festivals around the world were the result and their popularity is unlike any other.

The Machine, or Ramunas Vabolis, is a DJ/producer from Lithuania. He was part of The Magic Show, but has chosen his own path now. He has been a part of the hardstyle scene since 2006 and has developed himself as a fenomenal producer. He released his first and for now only album in 2012, called ‘Substantial Machinery’. This album is an absolute banger and if you never heard it, then this is a tip. You could also know him from the tracks ‘Rollin”, ‘Godcore’, ‘Smokemachine’ and ‘Headshot’.

The collab between The Machine and Adaro already received a name, ‘Sucka Beatz’.

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