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By Wouter de Vink

After several teasers on his socials, Adaro has finally announced his new release. As of today, his remix of Sefa (‘Calling’) is available for free to everyone, to make Christmas a bit more festive. “The reactions were amazing!”

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Adaro heard the original record a while ago for the first time and it provided the necessary inspiration. “I loved Sefa’s ‘Calling’ and asked him halfway through last year if I could make a remix of it”, Adaro says. “I started working in the fall of 2019 and Sefa thought the end result was awesome.”

The track from the one and only The Haunter of The Dark was subsequently received with open arms. “I started playing it at parties and the reactions were great”, Adaro says enthusiastically. “After the song was played on Qlimax by B-Front last year, I was overwhelmed with messages about the track. Super cool, all those nice reactions! I kept playing it on various livestreams throughout the year.” A release was not forthcoming for a while, but that has finally changed today.

Now that everyone is at home during Christmas, Adaro decided to make the track available to anyone who wants it. “An official release is not possible unfortunately, so I want to give it as a Christmas present to my fans.” So there is still something to party on during the holidays.

Santa Adaro is giving away ‘Calling’ remix for free

Sefa – ‘Calling’ (Adaro Remix) is now available here. For more information and everything to do with Adaro, you can of course visit his Instagram page. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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