Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Adaro has announced he will come out with a brand new remix for none other than Sefa. The frenchcore artist used a well-known song as an inspiration for his track ‘Calling’, now Adaro has created a hardstyle version of it. 

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“Finished: Sefa – Calling (Adaro remix). Sefa, thanks for this! Who wants to hear a snippet?”, the hardstyle producer posted in his Instagram Story. Not much later he turns again to his fans: “My inbox really exploded from all the messages of the people who want to hear a snippet of the remix.” Therefor, he showed a part of the track: Melodic drop comin’ at ya! Also some raw drops in there. But you will hear it at the parties!”

Last year, Sefa made the track ‘Calling’ with the vocals of the well-known song ‘The Funeral’, originally by Band of Horses (2006). Now, Adaro has remixed it and seems happy with the result: “Really proud of this one!” 

Adaro remixed Sefa’s ‘Calling’

The release date of Adaro’s remix of ‘Calling’ hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect to hear it soon during events, since the track is already finished. Check Adaro’s Instagram account to stay up to date about the upcoming release.

Footage taken from Facebook page Adaro

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