Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Rejecta, Cryex and MC Livid put on a strong anthemshow at REBELLiON tonight. The three men, who are responsible for the anthem of the 100% raw weekend event, showed their worth with a spectacular show. “As darkness returns, they will lead the rebellion. Unleash the power of the bleeding moon with… Rejecta vs. Cryex.”

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At the beginning of the evening, thousands of raw enthusiasts gathered in the large mainstage tent at REBELLiON for one of the highlights of the evening: the anthemshow of Rejecta vs. Cryex. As soon as the first sounds of the anthem ‘The Eclipse’ sound through the speakers, the show elements on the main stage go to maximum. Everything is pulled out: countless lasers in all kinds of colors alternate at a rapid pace. First pink and blue, then soon in all the colors of the rainbow.

Numerous special effects on REBELLiON’s mainstage

No cuts are made during the set when it comes to special effects either. Confetti explodes through the air, fireworks are set off throughout the room and even the pillars in the room are equipped with flamethrowers. It ensures that the anthem becomes a musical spectacle. The atmosphere is optimal during the set. After a few songs, the first popping circles start to appear. With each melody, more and more hands go up in the air, and all songs are sung along loudly.

The set by Rejecta and Cryex is a musical masterpiece where the tracks of both DJs take center stage. The best tracks from the DJs are quickly alternated and talked together by MC Livid. So we hear ‘Frontrow’ from Cryex, where of course the people in the front row go wild. Then ‘Never Change’ by Cryex and Scarra is seamlessly mixed into Act of Rage and Rejecta’s ‘Homocide’, with fists flying through the air while kick-rolling. ‘The Keymaker’ by Rejecta is also very well received by the audience.

REBELLiON Cryex Rejecta Act of Rage

Not only previously released music is central – for example, we get to hear a brand new song from Cryex. All this in combination with the best laser show, lamps and other show elements that REBELLiON is known for. All in all, an anthemshow is put on that the organization can be proud of.

Last Sunday tickets REBELLiON still for sale

Take your chance now on the last tickets for REBELLiON Sunday (including a solo set of Cryex and B-Front vs. Rejecta). Tomorrow, the second and last day of REBELLiON promises to be an epic conclusion to the weekend, with the best raw artists of the moment spread over two stages. Visit the official festival website for the last Sunday tickets.

REBELLiON Cryex Rejecta Act of Rage

Images via REBELLiON / Menno & Kevin

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