Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

The new festival season promises to be a period full of new live acts for Cryex, Scarra and Vasto. Hard News spoke with the three APEX artists about their upcoming plans.

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Vasto creates shock effect with ElektraWave

At TRINITY Festival, which takes place on May 11, Vasto will be on stage for the first time with his live act ElektraWave. Electricity plays a major role here. “This theme was created from a dual perspective,” explains the APEX artist. “I have been using the black and yellow combination for some time, so I wanted to freshen it up. In addition, my music is experienced as energetic, shocking and vibrant, which fits well with the theme of electricity.”


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ElektraWave is unique because of the new Vasto sound, which is heavily based on the use of deep gated kicks and high energy. This is combined with a visual aspect, where a shock effect is created through the use of lightning elements in the visuals. Vasto also puts on a special outfit for the live act: a black-and-yellow mask with a robotic appearance, combat gloves and rough boots.

At Vasto it is not just a live act. We can also expect an ElektraWave album at the end of next month. “The ElektraWave album consists of 18 tracks that have the signature Vasto sound. This album also contains collaborations with artists such as Element, Scarra and MC Livid.” Tonight, at 00:00, the title track of the album, will be released. You can pre-save the track here. The full album will follow a few weeks later on March 29.

Scarra brings endless energy with Face of Violence

With the start of the festival season, on the Saturday of REBiRTH Festival, Scarra will be on stage for the first time with his brand new live act Face of Violence. “This live act will be a unique mix of music styles, face-melting drops, intense visuals, accessible and sometimes less accessible arrangements, but above all: infinite energy! No holds barred, full throttle!”


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“Face of Violence is a project in which I let my creativity flow in the studio without self-imposed limits. While in previous years there was a kind of “mold” for my sound, that is not the case with Face Of Violence.” As a result, the audience will hear influences of metal during the new live act. “As a big metal fan, I am always looking for constant drive and energy in my tracks. In that sense I challenge myself, but also the listener and visitor, to think outside the box.”

Scarra himself sees Face of Violence as a kind of transition from adolescence to adulthood. “While I used to go into the studio and see where the ship would founder, I have never had such a strong vision for my act. If you had asked me last year if I wanted to do a live act, I would have said: I can’t do that. Now I am more than ready to show the world my real face: Face of Violence.”

Cryex kicks off colorful live act Band of Color at Reverze

“Band of Color has become a very personal live act,” says Cryex. “I am increasingly finding my calling in making music and find it more and more important to increase the bond between myself, my music and the fans.” It’s no surprise that color will play a significant role during Band of Color. “Each show will have bizarre, unique visuals associated with a certain color. You will also hear the colors in the music because some sets include a specific track.”

In addition to brand new Cryex music, there are also many new collabs with other artists from the harder styles scene. As we have come to expect from Cryex, his hair and nails will also match the color. You can read more about Band of Color in this article.

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