Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

As some already know Apexx has been a part of the Fusion Records duo Shellshock in the past. However, because they both felt that their musical interests weren’t aligned anymore, they decided to split up. While most of the times you don’t hear a lot from the other 50% after a break-up, this is definitely not the case here.

Apexx, who also signed to Fusion Records, immediately revealed a track that has been getting an incredible amount of support. People quickly started asking for a release date for ‘Obey’. We asked him about it.

“Thanks to all the already amazing experiences I had during my time in Shellshock I learned a couple of things about how I want to present myself. The most important thing is always come in hard, and having 6 tracks as the first release on your name is, in my opinion, definitely coming in hard.

After having realised that, I started putting down ideas for tracks and discussed these with my label, Fusion Records. These ideas were all the aggressive hardstyle I have always really really enjoy playing and making, therefore the name “State of Hate” (as in a state of aggression) was born. I am so lucky to have such a supportive agency and label behind me that helped me out making these ideas and now putting them out in the open.”

‘State of Hate’, which is the name of his first EP, will contain four solo-tracks and two collabs. That means a total of six new tracks. His next track, ‘Black Death’, has also gained a lot of support already. Luckily he was willing to reveal one of the two collabs: Caine! Both artists reside in Scotland, so proud as they are this is their way of representing their country.

“I choose to include the Scottish flag within the artwork as Im a proud Scotsman, and I want to continue to be one of the main representatives of our scene in The Netherlands. In terms of the overall design, apparently I can look like a war criminal, and that’s always a good look for a Hardstyle release, haha!”

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