Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

DJ and producer Artic has been a part of the hard dance scene since the very beginning, and has now decided to capture all the history and his experiences in a brand new mini documentary. 21 minutes filled with 25 years of hard dance histroy await you in ‘Hardstyle in Retrospect – A DJ’s Perspective’!

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In the mini docu, you’ll be taken on a journey along the different phases within hard dance, among which the commercialization of hardcore (“this was the end“) and the start of the hardstyle genre. Supported by old footage and interviews with artists such as Isaac, Luna, Pavo, Derb, Haze, JTS, Evanti, Fanatics, Desnar & Adaro they look back on performing with vinyl, the evolution of raw hardstyle and the rising popularity of early hardstyle.

“This short documentary shows the history of Hard Dance music, especially Hardstyle, originated in The Netherlands, combined with Haze/Artic his personal experiences and achievements. As we continue to move forward, we need to recap how we got here and celebrate what we have achieved. To relive these moments, DJ’s such as Isaac, Luna and Adaro are all featured in this documentary to tell their stories.”

“25 years of Hard Dance history in 21 minutes”

You can now watch the new documentary ‘Hardstyle in Retrospect – A DJ’s Perspective’ via, during which you’ll witness the growth of the hard dance scene in a little over 20 minutes. Also stay updated on the latest Artic news via his official socials.

Footage via Facebook-page Artic 

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