Crystal Mad

  • Name Matt Radley
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Label Nightbreed

Signing at Nightbreed Records in 2016, Crystal Mad quickly saw his dream become reality. Hardstyle has always been a deep passion for him, especially the raw side of the music. He strives for nothing less than perfection in terms of both emotion and energy. His vision is to produce an emotive, intelligent and expressive melodic form of raw hardstyle to elevate the music to a whole new level. His kicks are the blank canvas on which he paints with screeches that cry, melodies that talk and breaks that will immerse you into his world. Each track tells its own personal story, hidden between the musical notes.

When it comes to performing, Crystal Mad enjoys being on stage blasting his music just as much as jumping to the other side of the railings and raving with the crowd. In his heart he is just as much a fan of the music as he is a performer after all. To him, there is no boundary between fan and artist: we are all one, united by the music. So when the crowd, the music and the artist all come together in one place, the atmosphere becomes a true form of escapism, and we can all go truly mad.