• Name Cristiano Giusberti
  • Country Italy
  • Birthday December 19th
  • Alias(es) TNT
  • Label Saifam
  • Bookings Make You Dance
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When you randomly ask some Technoboy fans to describe their idol in one sentence, you can be sure the line “he is the King of hardstyle” will be spoken. That’s quite something, being compared to one of the biggest legends in the music industry.

But the ones that have heard and seen Technoboy perform during the ten years of his still-going-on-strong career will understand why. Maybe his clothing style is less extreme than how we know the King of rock ‘n’ roll; it’s also flamboyant, trendy and something that goes hand in hand with his personality.

His enormous collection of Nikes in all shapes and colors will most probably contain some blue and suede ones. And although the hip shakes of Elvis will never be beaten, when the Italian hardstyle DJ is performing he doesn’t stop moving behind his DJ-booth. But the most important similarity is that both icons ARE their music. When you say hardstyle, you say Technoboy.