• Name George Pinas
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Label Fusion Records
  • Bookings Supreme Agency
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At the young age of 11, George Pinas aka Titan was infected with the harddance virus. A classmate collected the legendary Thunderdome cd’s and live registrations, which George borrowed from time to time. The little Titan played these tapes over and over and after a while his interest moved from the audience to the DJ’s on stage. His interest grew bigger and bigger and after a while he bought his first DJ gear together with a friend.

After a lot of practice and some local gigs, George entered the Q-Factor, a dj-contest that Q-Dance organized, where he ended in second place. This achievement resulted in some really nice gigs; Q-Base and three times at the legendary Defqon1 Festival.
For Titan, this was a really big stimulant to work on his carreer.

Nowadays George is also very busy in the studio and after sending some demo’s he became a Fusion Records artist in 2009. His first release, Nightmare / Strength & Fury is already played by a lot of big artists. A statement has been made and you can expect lots of pounding beats from Titan in the future!