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We had the privilege to ask Tim van de Stadt, aka Atmozfears, some questions. His career has been sky-rocketing the past few years and with his latest tracks The Harvest and Destroy he is on his way to the top of the scene.

1. Thanks for taking the time for us, could you start off with telling something about yourself?
No worries, anytime! I’m Tim, 21 years young and since three years active under different aliases in the EDM-scene. Ever since I was young I’ve been working with music, my parents almost ‘forcing’ me to take different music classes. Luckily it made me the ‘artist’ that I am today.

2. Even though you’re relatively ‘new’ to the scene, you are working your way up in a rapid tempo with your strong productions. What was the turn of the tide, when you noticed that you’re career suddenly took off?
That must have been the moment when I came back from Los Angeles, where I had been spending a few months with Joshua Dutrieux, better known as JDX in the hardstyle scene. From that moment Scantraxx showed their interest and not much later Joram (Wildstylez) was interested in my tracks. My career has been sky-rocketing ever since!

3. Many artists hold on to a certain ‘box’ within the genre like euphoric or raw, but you do it all. Apparently it works, because your fans love it. What do you think is the reason for this success?
There is no ‘box’. The moment I dive into the studio it’s not clear what I’m going to make exactly. There is no plan, no schedule, there are no rules. I do whatever makes me feel good at that moment. Every time I finish a track, I’ve put a piece of me in it. Apparently multiple people can find themselves in what I stand for.

4. Next to Atmozfears you also have Tim van de Stadt and ATMO, which states that you really take your music in every direction. What’s next, Hardcore?
Hehe, you never know. Crazy enough, I’ve already made a few hardcore edits of ‘Up Top’ and ‘Never Again’ with the guys from Energyzed. I’m not planning to bind myself to one perticular genre and I never will. The only thing I do is to keep things seperate with my aliases to take away the confusion with my fans. I would however love to start a backstraatboys-group with Joram (Wildstylez)…

5. What is your favorite alias, or does that depend on how you feel during that moment?
Atmozfears will always be the #1 for me, because that’s where it all started for me. There is also a light ‘pressure’ behind it because people always expect something new from me with this name.

6. Name one artist that you would love to make a track with?
I’ve had the luck to already work together with two of my favorite artists, Code Black and Wildstylez, but I would love to spend some time in the studio with Bas from Noisecontrollers. He keeps on raising the bar in the hardstyle scene with success and I would love to work with him on raise the bar a little higher together.

7. You don’t seem to run out of inspiration, because one track after another rolls out of your studio. What is your secret?
Having a great place and enough motivation to express yourself in music. If you can close down from the outside world, only listen to yourself and also can convert that into music, has always worked for me. Closing down from the outside world is a big factor because it’s only you against the music if you do. Having a great workplace is also very convenient by the way… :P

8. Instead of an album you decided to release several EP’s. What’s the reason behind this?
I wasn’t ready for an artist album yet. I want to be able to tell more about myself musicwise. Releasing an album also brings a lot of tention and because of several circumstances I’m not up for it right now. Also, the EP’s are spread out so it gives people some time to get used to the new tracks, before they get some more.

9. You work a lot with upcoming artists like Audiotricz and Energyzed, something that we appreciate a lot. Did you already know these guys?
You’re right! I’ve known all four of them longer than our collabs make it seem. I’ve known the boys from Energyzed since I was 11 and I’ve watched them grow from the start. All four gentlemen are now my best friends and I always have a lot of fun when we’re in the studio together.

10. You’re in the studio and you start a new project in FL. What do you usually start with?
The chords… a bit of vocals.. It’s different every time. Sometimes you begin to mess around with a synth and end up making a track around it. You need to do it without thinking about it too much, or else it will become a standard formula that you just have to fill in everytime. It won’t make anyone happy.

11. Do you have a favorite track at the moment, and why that one?
‘Tonight Will Never Die’ from Code Black & Brennan Heart and ‘Down Down’ from Noisecontrollers. Both records hit the right snare with me…

12. Would you rather produce what people want you to produce, or what you want to produce?
I wll always produce what I like myself. I love it when people find themselves in that music and also appreciate it when they give me their negative opinion, but I will never adapt to it.

13. Would you rather perform for 5000 people that are mostly standing still, or 500 people who all go all out to your music?
I’d rather perform for a crowd that has a good time. If by that you mean ‘going all out’, I would choose a room with 500 people.

14. Did anything ever happen during a performance?
There was this one time where I accidentally pressed the Cue button while I was jumping. The effect of it was very awkward, but most of the times the crowd doesn’t care too much about it. The best part is when you do it b2b, (Code Black at Intents), you get to smile and secretly point….

15. We want to end with a golden tip from you, what would you like to say to artists that have just started?
The most important thing is the persistance. I’ve been trying my hardest since 2008 and I only came to light a little bit in 2011. Those are three whole years where I had to work hard and pass on several things like sitting in the studio while your friends are outside playing or staying in on Saturday nights improving your skills while your friends are going out. If you want to make it, you have to do it yourself, because nobody will do it for you..


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