Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

While it is logical to see a touring schedule as a series of unrelated events, just dates in a calendar, they are in fact connected; as all things around us. G/\TE is not another concept, it is an invitation to see the path from an artist point of view. When you connect the dots the journey becomes visible, it is put into its context and gets a beginning without an end.

Starting 2017 Atmozfears will combine his seemingly unrelated performances into the shape that has become symbolic for his recent life; the delta – the triangle. It will show where he came from, what preparation went on before the moment he appeared on stage and where that will eventually lead him.

It will connect three performances and invites the people present at either of these events to share their experience collectively.On the 25th of November the first dots will be connected, be ready for the announcement of the inaugural sequence of G/\TE dates. For updates: atmozfears.com

G/\TE – connecting the dots

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