Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, Audiofreq posted an Instagram Story with a new track preview, in which it really looks like the producer is creating a collab between him and none other than the masked Angerfist.

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First of all, the Instagram video starts with a visual of a fist. Furthermore, the preview ends with a picture of Angerfist who is wearing a an Audiofreq necklace. You also hear the track ‘Street Fighter’ in the back. These signs therefore seem to point towards a very first collab between these two producers. After a short break, Audiofreq really is back: last month he already released the new EP Power Up.

Is there an Audiofreq and Angerfist collab coming our way?

Whether a collab between these two gentlemen from different genres will actually happen, hasn’t been officially announced yet. For more info about Audiofreq’s new music we shall have to wait and see, and keep an eye on his socials.

Footage via AudiofreqzAngerfist

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