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By Nina van Zelst

Sometimes tracks are removed from Spotify right after their release. The same thing happened with the Skywards track on the new Audiotricz album, which was taken offline quite soon due to copyright claims. Today the duo explained the full story behind these claims in a video, along with how they’ve solved the issue. 

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The track ‘Skywards’ was part of the new Audiotricz album A New Dawn, that was released on the 31st of January on the Art of Creation label. Today the men explained some copyright issues originated from switching up the vocalists, after which ‘Skywards’ had to be taken down and the gentlemen had to come up with a whole new melody.

“Eventually we came up with a really cool new melody. This one gives us goosebumps, and to be honest we feel this one is even better. We’re aware of the fact it has a different feel, but the message is clear and the music backs it up. Please give it a listen, we hope you appreciate this one as much as the first one.”

“We have good news: ‘Skywards’ is coming back!”

The new version of ‘Skywards’ will officially be released this Thursday on the 19th of March. You can already pre-save the track via this link. Down below you can already enjoy a sneak peek of the new version in the official statement video.


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