Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

It can finally be said: this year’s edition of REBiRTH is B-Freqz domain. Their own stage during the Sunday of REBiRTH, the release of their first album during this hosting, it just came in that B-Freqz are responsible for this years anthem. You can easily argue that these fine gentlemen have the honor to personally kick off the festival season of 2018.

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None of the members of the live-act are unfamiliar with REBiRTH festival: both Frequencerz and B-Front have released their own albums during this festival as well. 2016 was the year Frequencerz spent their time flipping burgers during their Medium Rare release. The following year it was B-Fronts turn to fire up the audience with his album Beyond Reality. Now these men have gathered their strengths and REBiRTH-knowledge to present us their anthem for the 10 Years Ceremony of REBiRTH Festival.

B-Freqz’own stage, album ánd anthem of REBiRTH Festival

As you can read above, B-Freqz have a lot in store for the visitors of REBiRTH. Tickets are almost sold-out, so get yours while you still can. You can order tickets here.

Photo’s via Facebook page REBiRTH Festival & B-Freqz 


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