Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Although the DJ duo B-Frontliner – consisting of B-Front and Frontliner – was standing behind the DJ deck together during the last Decibel outdoor edition, there were no news about the live-act. Now, the two men let their fans know they back again in the studio together for an upcoming B-Frontliner album.

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The DJ duo hinted at their album already before their performance at REBiRTH 2018. Shortly before the event they even released an album teaser, but it didn’t get any further than this. However, it seems the hardstyle producers haven’t forgotten their plans for a joint production. On their socials we could see them together working in the studio, with the caption: “Album things.” It seems the B-Frontliner album is still coming…

The very first introduction of B-Frontliner to the public dates back to 2012 during Fantasy Island in Enschede. Their biggest booking was a few years later at Hard Bass 2015, where they formed Team Green’s live act and played tracks like ‘World Outside’ and ‘Magic’. After that, they just had very few performances together each year.

The B-Frontliner album is still happening…

After it seemed the plans for a B-Frontliner album got abandoned, the men are back in the studio together to work on their production. Keep your eyes on B-Front’s and Frontliner’s Instagram page to stay up to date.

Footage taken from b2s website


  • Ali 09 October 2019 - 22:44

    They already worked together in a live stream session wtwice…


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