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By Wouter de Vink

Fans of B-Frontliner can finally expect the long-awaited album this year. After several years of delays, B-Front and Frontliner confirmed in their live Q&A on Instagram that the album is really coming.

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The B-Frontliner album has been coming for ‘a while’ now: in 2018 there was already a hint to the joint album and there was even an official album teaser. Since then, the release has been looked forward to every year, especially after tracks like ‘World Outside’ have been well received by the audience. “The funny thing about some tracks is that we started them after more or less everything was finished,” explains B-Front in the livestream where they also showed a lot of new things.

“This also caused a small delay haha,” adds Frontliner. He explains that there was still quite a bit of work to do to really finish all the tracks on the B-Frontliner album. “Some tracks have been in the making for so long that we’ve updated them to today’s standard.” The Hardstyle DJs walked through the album together last night and confirmed it live on Instagram: the B-Frontliner album is coming this year.

2022 will be the year of the long-awaited B-Frontliner album

It is not yet known when exactly the album by B-Front and Frontliner will be released. But at least the album will have a ‘space-like’ theme and there will be no remixes: only original tracks. Will it really happen this year..?

Footage taken from Facebook page Decibel Outdoor

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