Tim Bekkering
By Tim Bekkering

During the third DEDIQATED podcast, Adaro, Crypsis and B-Front visited the Q-dance studio to talk about The Birth of Raw. In this episode, it was about the rise of raw hardstyle, the upcoming anniversary event and the scene of today. In addition, B-Front also commented on the fact that more and more DJs are closing their sets with uptempo, which according to him does not always benefit the event.

“I personally think that when I enter a party and I buy a ticket for hardstyle: I don’t need to hear 20 minutes of up-tempo in every set”, says B-Front. “More and more DJs are playing purely for themselves and this definitely does not benefit the party. I therefore believe that events should have a good structure: starting with some talented guys, followed by some euphoric artists, and then ending with hard raw DJs, that is my preference.”

In addition, he indicates that he has regularly experienced that a DJ who plays before him, closes his set with hardcore: “Then I think to myself: Do you even know I have to play after you?” He is referring to the fact that the artists used to coordinate this much better and be aware of each other.

“If there is one sound that made an impact on hardstyle the last ten years, it’s definitely raw”

During DEDIQATED, The Birth of Raw will be honored by Adaro, Alpha 2, B-Front, Crypsis, Digital Punk and Ran-D. The anniversary event of Q-dance takes place on 8th February in the GelreDome in Arnhem. Keep an eye on the socials of Q-dance for more information about the event.

Footage from Instagram account B-Front

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