Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

The news that B-Front and Frontliner are working on new music together came out some time ago. On the 27th of May they will will perform as B-Frontliner at the hardstyle stage at Emporium, something many people are looking forward to. Yesterday a live-stream video appeared on the Facebook pages of both gentlemen which lasted more than an hour. In this hour it became clear that B-Frontliner have some big things planned for the exclusive live-act.

After successful tracks like ‘Magic’, ‘World outside’ and ‘1.000.000 Stars’, fans are eager to hear new B-Frontliner bombs. Early in the livestream you could already hear two new TBA’s and after that they played parts of other new tracks they are currently working on. At the end of the stream they made room for some questions from the audience. We can already hear you thinking, but no, the question whether or not ‘World Outside’ would be released any time soon remained unanswered.

In 10 days these guys will perform as B-Frontliner at Emporium – Fairytales on the hardstyle stage. In the live-stream they told us that they will bring a lot of new tracks but also some of the older B-Frontliner tracks.

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