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By Nina van Zelst

The first day of Defqon.1, Bass Modulators announced their debute album was coming our way: Limitless. Now, only a few months later, it’s here. We spoke with the hardstyle duo about their very first album, the road towards it and how it changed their career. 

Even though Bass Modulators have been around the scene for years, they have waited with releasing an album. 5 months ago the wait was over and Rick & Roland decided to start working on their first album. We found our flow back in the studio after we had a not so productive year before. Everything fell into place and we totally had our drive and inspiration back more than ever. Now we also had the chance to create some sort of story on this album.“ Since the album has been released, the two have received great responses so far. “We are really overwhelmed by all the positive reactions, as well in the crowd as online.“

“One day we decided to change everything around and we worked on so many aspects of our career“

The album is called Limitless. This name is very special for Bass Modulators, since they had decided to make a drastic change after almost suffering from a burnout because of their busy DJ schedule. “So one day we decided to change everything around and we worked on so many aspects of our career, personal life, mind and health to find our full true potential and totally reinvented ourselves and our act. After a while everything changed in a really positive way, like a puzzle that fell into place, and we felt ‘Limitless’ (like the movie).“ This story also returns in the track ‘Limitless‘, in which they explain how they changed their mindset en lives. It felt like we finally could see everything clear and in the right perspective after all those years. Everybody who finds this flow state and passion in life, where everything seems to work out, knows this feeling.“ Besides being limitless in life, the name also applies to the music on the album. “We tried all kinds of different sounds, kicks and vocals and went from real euphoric to even hardcore.“  

“When we were working on the track, we knew it was something special“

The biggest challenge for Bass Modulators during the creation of this album was to finish it on time. “We wanted to premiere it at Defqon and wanted to release the full album not to long after that.“ Bass Modulators luckily were able to finish the album quickly and even had the track ‘Change The World’ featured in the Defqon.1 Endshow. “When we were working on the track, we knew it was something special. So when Q-dance asked us if we had a track for the endshow, we invited them to the studio. They instantly loved it and wanted to use it. We made some extra edits in the track to sync with the fireworks after that.“ The feeling the two had while seeing their track in combination with all the fireworks, was indescribable. “It’s really special and we never get used to this. The show fitted the track perfectly. Goosebumps all over.“

Another tracks that is featured on the album, ‘The Pit’, has also made a lot of crowds running and bashing this festival season. “We saw a lot of moshpits lately when we were playing, and people went crazy and loved it. Most of the time it was during some harder tracks with a long build-up to the drop, so it gave us the inspiration to build our own track with this theme. We already had this big sounding new kind of kick and asked Villain to do the vocals. He loved the idea. Most of the time we’re even joining in the pit ourselves during our set.“ Besides MC Villain, the two men have also worked with a lot of other artists on this album for collaborations and remixes. “The funny thing is that Clockartz and Never Surrender came up with the idea or remix themselves. They didn’t even know we were doing an album yet, but we liked both remixes so much that we put them on there. It was a big surprise for them, but they definitely deserved it.“ Also B-Front made a remix for the brand new Bass Modulators album.

“We’ve put every bit of passion and energy we’ve got into this album“

It is hard for Bass Modulators to pick their favorite track of the album. “We tried to make every track special and unique. We didn’t want to have any fillers on the album.“ The passion about their album also returns when you ask the gentlemen why we should buy their album over anyone elses in the hardstyle scene. “We always aim for the highest production quality and we gave 100% on every track. We’ve put every bit of passion and energy we’ve got into this album, and we think you will not only hear that but also feel it.“

Bass Modulators have many things planned for the future. “We’re planning a ‘Limitless’ tour, and maybe like to do even more masterclasses or tutorials about our new album. Besides that we have some great gigs coming up which we can’t really say anything about yet, and we are even working on some new tracks and a collab already. So keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date.“ A gig which they can tell us more about is Euphoria 2018, which will be hosted by Spirit of Hardstyle. This is a hardstyle label which Bass Modulators founded together with other DJs. “We join forces with b2s and host our very own Euphoria. This night will be all about Spirit of Hardstyle and that what Hardstyle is all about. This will be a night for the real die-hards and members of the Hardstyle family.“

The album Limitless has been officially released, and is available for download via this link. Tickets for Euphoria presents: Spirit of Hardstyle are also availabe via the b2s website.

Beeldmateriaal via Facebook-pagina Bass Modulators

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