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Bass Modulators makes a transfer and is the new reinforcement of the Scantraxx main label. Rick returns home and continues his solo career with a new sound and big plans: “Very cool things are going to happen.”

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It’s time for Bass Modulators to open a new chapter at the place where he achieved great success before. “The main reason for coming back to Scantraxx (now that I continue as a solo artist) is because my new plans and new music fit very well with Scantraxx and their vision and mission,” explains Rick now that his move has been officially announced.

Bass Modulators continues solo at Scantraxx: with big plans and a new sound

After Scantraxx, Spirit Of Hardstyle and Art of Creation, Bass Modulators is back among familiar faces. “I have a very good connection with most of the artists from Scantraxx and most of my music has been released here in the past 15 years.” With anthems for Defqon.1 and Decibel outdoor behind his name, Rick played played big hits together with Roland (such as ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Imagine’) at festivals worldwide. But Roland announced his farewell a few months ago – where Rick continues full of ambition with a ‘completely new project’ as Bass Modulators. “But more info on that soon.”


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Back to now, because a new breath of fresh air is blowing through the Bass Modulators sound, says Rick. “It means that I will mainly do what I stand for and what I think is cool. I have completely developed my sound and skills in the last few months and this means that it has become a bit harder and more energetic with new sounds and kicks – but the melodies and the feeling that Bass Modulators stands for are definitely still there.”

What does this mean for NCBM?

Now that Noisecontrollers is at Art of Creation and Bass Modulators is at Scantraxx, does this mean the NCBM story is over? “No, certainly not”, says Rick about the joint live act. “Noisecontrollers and the other guys from AOC are still very good friends, and we’ve certainly talked about the sequel to NCBM. There are no definite plans or tracks ready yet, but there are certainly some plans and ideas. Although we don’t know where to release them yet.”

“I’m working on some really cool projects that I think will really bring innovation to the scene”

6 years after his last track on Scantraxx, Bass Modulators heralds his return with ‘Bass Squad’, a new track that will be released next week. “These are the dedicated die-hards who are always front row, screaming everything and going the hardest until the early hours. The idea originated a few years ago on the Bass Modulators Discord, where we called all dedicated followers the ‘Bass Squad’. So I developed this idea into this track. It is a very energetic track that is quite hard for Bass Modulators standards, but certainly still with a thick melody and the necessary recognizable Bass Modulators influences. Alpha’s epic vocals topped off the track completely.”

Bass Modulators keert terug bij Scantraxx

Bass Modulators starts 2023 full of ambition and big plans. “My goal is to show everyone who I am and what I stand for, to develop myself further and go to the next level with my productions and DJ sets. I’m also working on a few really cool projects that I think are really will bring innovation to the scene. I already showed it to some colleagues and friends and they are very enthusiastic.”

Bass Modulators – ‘Bass Squad’ (ft. Alpha) seals the comeback and will be released on Scantraxx on Thursday the 9th of February. Keep an eye on the Bass Modulators socials: “Because some really cool stuff is about to happen.”

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