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By Timo van Dommelen

In an interview with DJ Mag NL, B-Front opened up on his new musical project called ‘Beyond Reality’. For a lot of people ‘Beyond Reality’ is just the name of the album, but for B-Front it’s so much more than that. It is not just a CD, or a new live act, or a new showcase. It’s a completely new form of performing in which B-Front is going to take you to another reality.

There are so many albums coming out right now with showcases and new live acts… You either do the same or come up with something new. ‘Beyond Reality’ is something new, in fact, I think it’s something that has never been done in the hardstyle scene before. I don’t even want to call it a show. It’s like a movie in which the visitor and I play a part. The head in the artwork (with the voice from the teasers) is the narrator in the movie, who is continuously trying to hold the mirror up in front of you”

B-Front can’t express enough that ‘Beyond Reality’ is more than just an album: “It’s funny if you think about it, how everything went. It makes sense of course, but it’s nothing like that. For me, ‘Beyond Reality’ is an extra experience for my recently released tracks and for the tracks that are still to come.” The question remains, what can we expect during the premier of ‘Beyond Reality’ during the second day of Rebirth Festival? If we can trust B-Front on his word, we can expect nothing more than a once in a lifetime show which you will never forget.

What for many people still remains the most important part of the entire project is the album. In the interview with DJ Mag NL, B-Front tells us that the album will contain a collection of new tracks, known tracks and (older) tracks which haven’t been released yet. He also says: “The album contains a lot of variation. From really hard tracks to tracks with trance influences. You will also hear gated kicks, a track with a three-four time and a Buddha voice, this all with the typical B-Front style of course.”

bfront-tracklistLast night, this image appeared on the social media channels of B-Front. He didn’t say much, but it’s pretty obvious this is the tracklist for ‘Beyond Reality’. You can’t really see the names of the tracks, but if you take some time to look at it you can decipher the tracklist for yourself. This is what we believe to be the full list for the album:

01. Darkness Inside You
02. Beyond Reality
03. Beat The Darkness (with ANDY SVGE)
04. One by One (with Hard Driver)
05. Infinite
06. Freedom (B-Freqz)
07. The Enigma (With Phuture Noize)
08. In My Mind
09. Silent Scream
10. Deepest Wave
11. State of Perfection (Digital Punk Remix)
12. EVP
13. Eternal Voice
14. Rough with the Wolves (With Degos & Re-Done)
15. Pandemonium (With Warface)
16. Techno (B-Freqz)

Photo’s: Qlimax & B-Front


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    So World Outside still remains unreleased


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