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By Leonie Schott

Since Bloodlust got signed to End of Line, he surely spends a lot of time in the studio. After his career got kicked off with his track ‘Imma Boss’, he worked together with several artists on new music. Now he announced, there’s also following a collab with none less than Regain. 

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After Bloodlust joined End of Line – the label of among others Warface, D-Sturb and Delete – he was not sitting still at all. After collaborations with artists like Unresolved, Deadly Guns and Ncrypta, the DJ has now announced he’s working together with Regain. Both DJs posted a video on their socials: “Assassins prepare yourself. New collab incoming with Regain! Premiere at Rebellion.” 

Bloodlust started to produce in 2012 under the alias Magnificent – euphoric hardstyle to be precise. Since he changed his name and image to Bloodlust and released his track ‘Imma Boss’ on End of Line, his career went uphill and he was performing at events like Intents Festival, Defqon.1 and IMPAQT. In an earlier interview he said: “Switching to Bloodlust is the best decision of my career.”

Regain is in the business for many years and had his big breakthrough in 2014 with the track ‘Push it to the Limit’. With Point Of No Return (2017) and Out Of Bounds (2019), the Polish raw hardstyle DJ released two albums until now and performed already at many big stages like Defqon.1 BLUE, Supremacy and Fatality mainstage.

The collab will be heard for the first time during Rebellion

How the track will be called is not known yet, but the men have promised to present their collab for the first time at Rebellion. The event takes place at The Dome on 23rd November 2019. Tickets are still available via the official website.

Footage taken from Facebook page Bloodlust & Regain

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