Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last week, the hardstyle world was mysteriously introduced to a new concept: My Way. After a few days of speculating and an interesting teaser, today it has been announced the hardstyle scene can get ready for a brand new label. We talked to the label boss of My Way Music about all we may expect from this hardstyle platform. 

My Way Music is the latest addition to the hardstyle scene: a fresh and new label in which especially creativity and full freedom are extremely important. The label wants to break with the standard, by thinking outside of the established hardstyle boxes. “My Way Music does not conform to the status quo of hardstyle labels. We do things our own way, we walk our own path. Visually, we also break with the norm. Most of the graphic design in hardstyle is meant to look somewhat tough. We like to use a different approach. We go for a more dynamic, modern-groovy style.”

“We don’t care about any subgenres”

Since both creativity and full freedom are so important to My Way Music, the label will not focus on solely the well-known artists or the upcoming talents. “This way we also give artists the opportunity to experiment and try new things. We do not focus on either the big artists or talents. We also don’t care about subgenres. We stand for hardstyle, all hardstyle.”

We still have to wait and see which artists will be releasing their music on the label. However, the label boss was able to give us an exclusive scoop on the very first release on My Way Music: three artists have combined forces for a special collaboration with Intents Festival, as an ‘ode’ to summer and the well-known festival organisation. The track will be played for the first time during the Intents Festival livestream, which you can join here this weekend.

Update 5-6:

In the meantime it has been announced none other than D-Sturb, E-life & Sogma together are responsible for the track ‘Hold On’, in collaboration with Goose Frame. You can already pre-save it via this link.

To be kept updated on the latest news around the brand new My Way Music you can keep a close eye on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the label. Have a look at the full trailer down below. 

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