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By Nina van Zelst

APEX Records is a brand new raw hardstyle label, which stands for the brotherhood between the artists Cryex, Qriminal, Ressurectz, Scarra, Vasto and MC Synergy. Together they plan to take over the scene, and the gentlemen will tell us exactly what we may expect from them. 

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APEX Records originated from a shared passion for raw hardstyle. The 6 acts have known each other from the management Upcoming DJ, and are now taking the next musical step in 2020. APEX represents complete musical freedom, which resulted in a strong bond between its players. “Because of our strong bonds, yet still very different sounds within the raw hardstyle spectrum, the artists of APEX Records can support and bring out the very best in each other.”

Qriminal: “Everyone just gets along great”

For Qriminal, joining APEX Records was the obvious choice. “Ever since I signed with Upcoming DJ Management, my career has really gotten a kickstart. For a big part thanks to the help and support of Wendy and the other artists. With APEX Records we are all taking a step forward, and I can’t wait for it to start.” 

According to Qriminal, the bond between the artists is one of the new label’s greatest strengths. “The interrelationships between APEX Records is very special, everyone just gets along great and we all help each other out with pretty much anything. I feel very blessed being a part of this group!”

APEX Records interview Qriminal

Ressurectz: “The best thing about APEX is they don’t put you in any boxes”

Also duo Ressurectz has joined the brand new label, which is unique to them because everyone has their very own sound. Martin: “It’s just great, because if everyone would like the same things you would get tracks that are too similar. Because everyone has their own vision and creativity this creates a lot of diversity, which also results in stimulating others in and outside of the group.” 

Gino adds: “The best thing about APEX is they don’t put you in any boxes. They don’t expect you to maintain one certain style, but you have the choice to create something you as an artist think is great. This is of course also what your fans like about you, because you can completely be yourself.” All the men correspond, however, when it comes to their passion and vision. “We all dream of getting our place in the most beautiful scene ever. The most epic gigs, releasing the sickest tracks and be able to make a living out of this. Enjoying everyone around you, that support you through thick and thin.” 

APEX Records interview Resurrectz

Cryex: “I think of APEX as what the scene was missing: a group of close friends that always make sure it’s a party”

The third in line to join the new APEX Records is none other than Cryex, who already had big bookings last year such as Decibel outdoor. 2020 will be even bigger: “I’m working on a lot of new music, among which a lot of sick collabs. It’s my goal to release a mini album somewhere at the end of this year!” Of course with the help of the new APEX Records: “I think of APEX as what the scene was missing: a group of close friends that always make sure it’s a party.” 

The men will release the group track ‘Combining Forces‘ to kick off the label, which according to Cryex was quite the challenge. “Haha yes, that was a difficult one! When I got the final stems to mix, I could really tell 7 producers each have their own outlook on things. The challenging part was to find that balance to make it sound like a whole, not 7 different parts!”

APEX Records interview Cryex

Vasto: “I’ll come out with my very first album Path To Infinity!”

Last year, Vasto was already working on loads of new music, that among other things led to the EP NXT LVL. Now that he will join the APEX Records label, fans can expect even more from him this year: “I’ll soon come out with my very first album ‘Path To Infinity’! Furthermore you’ll see me at REBiRTH, Intents and Defqon.1 this festival season and I’m looking forward to share all this new music with my fans!”

Collabs with and between the other men of the record label were of course inevitable. “One of the collabs I have ready is with Ressurectz and MC Synergy, I’m very proud of the outcome! Furthermore you can expect a second collab with Scarra and I have a set-up ready with Cryex. As a team we all work together extremely well, so the future definitely holds way more collabs between the APEX artists!”

APEX Records interview Vasto

Scarra: “As the new kid on the block you really have to search for a place you feel like you belong”

Also none other than Scarra is a part of the APEX Records family from now on. The bond the team shares, is what makes it so special for Scarra. “As the new kid on the block you really have to search for a place you feel like you (musically) belong. I’ve been very lucky and found my place in this group immediately.”

Another thing that makes APEX so special for Scarra, is the creative freedom. “I already got to do a lot of things like a couple of releases, but these of course only are the beginning. This kind of developing comes with experimenting, which sometimes leads to crazy yet sick tracks, kicks and melodies. With APEX I can take that time and therefore become a better artist. We all strive for quality, but it can be experimental as well.” 

APEX Records interview Scarra

MC Synergy: “By joining forces the group track is the perfect first release of the label”

MC Synergy represents the vocal talent of the new raw hardstyle label, and of course played a big role in the new group track. But how does this work? “In this case it’s about the new generation and how us DJ/Producers or in this case MC are ready to take over the scene. I incorporated this into the lyrics, so you’ll hear things like ‘The New Generation’ and ‘We Are Next’. Then you record it in 20,000 (not kidding) different ways, to make the vocal as powerful as possible.”

The MC is therefore very happy with the result. “You can hear the sound of each and every artist in the track. This makes it the perfect first release, partly because of the collaboration and joining forces. I’m very proud of the result, not only of the producers and me as MC, but also of the management behind all of this. They give us the chance to evolve as an artist.”

APEX Records interview MC Synergy

APEX Records will kick off with the joined release ‘Combining Forces’, which will come out soon. To be kept updated on the latest APEX news you can keep an eye on their socials

APEX Records interview

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