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By Tim Bekkering

“2020, a new era is coming …”, Brennan Heart announced via an Instagram post, with which the I AM HARDSTYLE artist was referring to a new era for his alias: Blademasterz. Although Brennan Heart has performed a few times with his act in recent years, it was pretty quiet around Blademasterz – but this seems to be changing now.

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In an earlier interview, in which we talked to Brennan Heart Heart about his book ‘HARD’, the DJ already indicated that he has big plans for the future – also with Blademasterz: “For the future, I have the ambition to honor the older hardstyle sounds of 2007 till 2010, which I would like to do as Blademasterz by releasing an album.”

In addition to Brennan Heart announcing through its own channels that a new Blademasterz era will commence in 2020, the act now also has its own account: “The sounds of a new era⁣ Came in and took over our beloved landscape⁣ and those that held onto the old ways have perished⁣. They are now long forgotten.⁣ But deep down underground is a shimmer of light⁣ that comes out of the shadows⁣.” Also from this post we can conclude that Blademasterz will focus on the older hardstyle sounds.

Blademasterz: “2020, a new era is coming…”

What we can expect from Blademasterz this year, can not be said with certainty yet, but it is clear that he has the ambition to release a Blademasterz album. To stay informed, keep an eye on the socials of Blademasterz and Brennan Heart.

Footage from Facebook page Brennan Heart

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