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By Bob Ligthart

After countless successful events, a complete merchandise line and a new album, it’s time for the next step. Just now, it has been revealed I AM HARDSTYLE is coming with a brand new label.

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Several DJs posted a photo on their socials with the text ‘04.04.2019 #IAMHARDSTYLE’ this week, and it now turns out these artists will be releasing on the new record label. Of course, Brennan Heart is one of these artists, but also Aftershock, ANDY SVGE, Blademasterz, Code Black, Galactixx, Rebourne, The Pitcher and Toneshifterz are joining I AM HARDSTYLE.

The albumĀ Show Your True Colors was the first release on the label, together with the anthem for I AM HARDSTYLE 2019. The vision of the label is also processed in this number with the text: I AM.. The most powerful combination of words, for what you put after them shapes your reality..”

I AM HARDSTYLE is expanding with a brand new label

The first release at I AM HARDSTYLE is already a fact, but there’s a lot more coming for sure. The upcoming period will be full of releases, including new tracks from Aftershock, Rebourne, ANDY SVGE and The Pitcher. If you want to stay up to date, you can visit the Facebook page of I AM HARDSTYLE.


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04.04.2019 #IAMHARDSTYLE

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