Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Brennan Heart had been working on a book about his career in the harder styles scene for one year and a couple of days ago he announced it’s finished. Now, the producer hasn’t only shared the name of the book, but also the cover and already the link for pre-order. 

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“Beyond proud to finally show you the cover of my upcoming book! If there is one word that I would use to sum up my story, it would be HARD: and HARD is the title I decided to go for”, Brennan Heart has just revealed on his socials. The book is about his way from a homeproducer with dreams of playing on big stages to a worldwide successful DJ with a busy schedule. He describes his journey to becoming a businessman with his own event series, merchandise line and music label IAMHARDSTYE, including his struggles, ups and downs.

Brennan Heart: “Millions of fans around the world. 130 shows per year. Gigs for 30,000 people. Line-ups with the greatest. This is my golden age!”

On the front of the cover you can see a portrait of a serious looking Brennan Heart and down below the title HARD in pink letters jumping right in the eyes. “At home in the afternoon, performing at night in Antwerp, leaving in the morning for a show in Mexico. Mainstage in Chicago, Sydney and Shanghai. Flying in jets and helicopters. “I missed you daddy”, my children say. And my feet are back on the ground…”, the author teases on the backside of the cover.

HARD: Brennan Heart’s journey – “With all the intense ups & downs”

Brennan Heart’s book ‘HARD’ is available in English, Dutch and German for €19,99. You can already pre-order it in the official IAMHARDSTYLE online store. English and Dutch versions will be shipped in the beginning of December, German in the middle of January. To stay up to date about further information, keep an eye on Brennan Heart’s socials.

Footage taken from Facebook page Brennan Heart

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