Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Things have been quiet around Chris One for quite some time. The artist, who started gaining popularity back in 2010 with his track ‘Psycho’, was a member of the TiLLT Records family. Unfortunately things went dark a few years after. But luckily, he made an announcement which shed light on new music.

“In 2008 Chris One, aged 15 and born in Sweden, released his first official remix. The years that followed brought a carousel of musical highlights. His dark and heavy tracks broke boundaries and raw hardstyle started to become a movement that developed into a subgenre that now is equally as big as the traditional mainstream.

While spreading his music Chris One headlined club nights and festivals all over the world. In 2012 Chris One became the youngest artist to close down Hard Bass – in front of 30 000 people. After that, Martin slowly stepped back to focus on finishing his studies.

In 2017 Chris One is ready to return to the harder styles with his unique branding and style. While doing this he wants to give a platform to the style he stands for. Atmospheric music, often with a dark touch. Thematic music with a story, hard music with nuance but also experimental music that breaks the mould.
The first release on his very own label will be the long awaited ‘Deathmatch’. Available this august on all digital portals. Extended versions can be requested and will be released later this year.”

More information about Chris One and the label can be found here: Chris One Facebook

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