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By Mark de Rond

Since today you can listen to the liveset of Clockartz & Chris One during Loudness on Spotify. With this upload you can now listen to the special liveset of the anthem makers of Loudness 2018.

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Yesterday all three of the artists were teasing the upload of this set on their Instagram channels. In this special surprise set of the anthem makers of Loudness 2018 we can hear eight new and unreleased tracks. Now you can listen to unreleased tracks as ‘Fragments’, ‘Hypnotized’‘Child of the Devil’ and ‘Prisma’.

Tracklist Clockartz & Chris One – Loudness 2018

Clockarts & Chris One – Intro (Loudness Mix Cut)
Clockartz & Chris One – The Inner Circle (Loudness Mix Cut)
Chris One & The Machine – Fragments (Loudness Mix Cut)
Clockartz – Hypnotized (Loudness Mix Cut)
Chris One – Blast It (Loudness Mix Cut)
Clockartz & Malice – Dirty Italy (Loudness Mix Cut)
Clockartz – Close Your Eyes (Loudness Mix Cut)
Chris One – Stay (Loudness Mix Cut)
Chris One – Mind of a Killer (Loudness Mix Cut)
Clockartz – Child of the Devil (Loudness Mix Cut)
Clockartz – Prisma (Loudness Mix Cut)
Chris One – Deathmatch (Loudness Mix Cut)

Special Clockarzt & Chris One liveset out now

It’s the first time ever a liveset of Loudness was uploaded to the music streaming platform. Click here to listen to this special liveset of Clockartz & Chris One at Loudness 2018.

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