Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The track ‘Accerlate’ of Code Black and Atmozfears was a big success in 2014 and it was played non-stop at many party’s. Now 4 years later, Atmozfears revealed that the follow-up of the track is finished. 

The big hit ‘Accelerate’ was made as an anthem for XXlerator Outdoor in 2014. The number is incredibly popular ever since and we can still hear the track at several events. Atmozfears posted on his Instagram that the follow-up of the track is finished: “Pssst, what if I told you that the accelerate followup is already done?” In the meantime, he is enjoying a winter sport vacation together with Code Black. Previously, he already made a track together with Code Black which is called ‘Starting Over’. 

Follow-up of ‘Accelerate’ from Code Black and Atmozfears is finished

When the track will be released or when it will be played at festivals is unknown for now. Fans commended, that they are very excited and can’t wait to hear it.

Photo by Instagram-page Code Black 

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