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Code Black shows his new face after years of preparation. Last Saturday, the Hardstyle icon performed on the imposing mainstage of Intents Festival, where he presented his evolved identity during his BLACKOUT live act to tens of thousands of partying visitors.

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We hear a visitor say that she has circled Code Black on her timetable. She’s fan due to tracks like ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Red Planet’, but is curious about what’s to come. As everyone knows, the Australian has changed course and so Intents gave him the confidence from the start to put Code Black presents BLACKOUT on the biggest stage out there. With a great show and a new sound.

A packed stage with the perfect festival weather: now is the time

The sun slowly sets when it’s time for BLACKOUT: a 30-minute showcase where Code Black shows off his new identity (complete in costume). It’s already the 10th time Intents for Corey, but everything is different this time. Primetime – in front of a full mainstage – this is the big moment where he shows off what he has been secretly working on for almost 2 years.

All eyes on the dancefloor are on the new Code Black. He opens with ‘Take It All’ and judging by the fans, they immediately got the hang of it. It’s all in the details: the high quality of his productions is even carried out down to the last detail in the costume – it’s just different than you’re used to.

For example, with a hard edit in today’s sound of the well-known ‘Pandora’, the respected producer puts an end to the past: the future consists of new records like ‘THE FUTURE’. Even a new collab with Warface surprises the audience. A total of 12 tracks gave us an impression of a whole new Code Black: who’s ready to for his new adventure.

“Intents, thank you for believing in me and BLACKOUT from the very beginning, and for the sick show!”

“What a launch!“, is Code Black’s first reaction to his BLACKOUT premiere. It’s been a nerve-wracking journey for him, but the response to a great Intents gives plenty of confidence for what’s to come. “I’m getting so much positivity from this… Thank you all for being a part of this with me!”

The first two releases of Code Black’s new sound have already been released: sounds like a lot more new records are coming and the entire set will be online soon. This month, the I AM HARDSTYLE member will perform a regular set at a new domain: the BLUE at Defqon.1.


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code black presents blackout @ intents festival 2023 mainstage

Presumable tracklist of Code Black presents BLACKOUT @ Intents Festival 2023

1. Code Black – Take it All
2. Code Black – THE FUTURE
3. Code Black – Open Your Mind
4. Code Black – Pandora (Edit)
5. Code Black – Blackout
6. Code Black – Sweet Dreams Mashup
7. Code Black – Echoes
8. Warface & Code Black – ID
09. Code Black – Darkness
10. Code Black – For a Lifetime
11. Code Black – Fly
12. Code Black – Hype Train

Footage taken from Facebook page Intents Festival / EDM Kevin

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