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By Mark de Rond

Noisecontrollers and Devin Wild are hitting the studio together for making a new track. Both artists let us know they are working on this collab by their socials. 

It’s the first time that Devin Wild and Noisecontrollers are hitting the studio together to produce a collab. “Collab time with the legend Mr. Noisecontrollers”, Devin Wild posted on his socials. This new collab wasn’t a complete suprise. Saturday Euphoria will take place and is hosted by Spirit of Hardstyle, while Devin Wild will make his appearance as a guest dj. If we will hear this new collab during Euphoria isn’t clear at this point.

Devin Wild and Noisecontrollers hitting the studio

Devin Wild was busy producing collabs this year seen his latest mini album ‘Maze of Revolution’ which contains collabs only. Noisecontrollers has his reputation when it comes to producing collabs. His last one was ‘Vampire’ with Radical Redemption.


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🔥 Collab time with this legend Mr. @noisecontrollers 😁🙏🏻 #collab #studio #time

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