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After “My Dirty Workz” in 2008, “The Challenge” in 2011 and “Global Dedication” in 2013, Coone is planning to release his fourth album in 2016. All three albums were a big hit, so the fourth one promises to be even better. Things seem to go pretty well for Coone lately, with many bookings across the world where he preaches the word… we mean ‘sound’ of hardstyle.

Yesterday he decided to surprise his fans with a livestream on Facebook, where he allowed his fans to ask him anything they wanted. The livestream lasted for about an hour and included several fun facts. But the most remarkable one was about him admitting to release a fourth album at 8:10. That’s why we couldn’t help but share the news with you.

“We are thinking about doing a new album. Probably somewhere around next year. I don’t really know when. Maybe the beginning of next year or around the summer.”

His many gigs and the fourth album announcement aren’t the only milestones of the past year, because Coone has become a daddy for the first time a few months ago! We can’t wait to hear all the new music, so be sure to keep an eye on our website for more information.

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